Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Power Of Your Words

By Michael Murphy

You are where you are in your life right now because of the power of words.

Stop for a moment and take stock of where you are in your life's journey right now. Picture where you are on the staircase of your own life's destiny. Imagine for a minute, your goals and your dreams, of where your heart tells you where you can go in your life. You sense that you possess the ability, skills and potential to achieve the heights of your own level of success. You believe you can attain that level.

As you allow yourself to experience the sense of 'being there', take a look at where you are on that staircase of your own life today. If there were two-hundred stairs on the staircase, what stair would you be on right now?

As you allow yourself to take inventory and determine how far you've come in your journey and how far you have yet to go, notice how you feel. How do you feel about where you've been? What happened on those lower steps as you glance back at them? Which of those steps were the most difficult to step to? Notice the deep emotions that are attached to some of those steps. Review the events that occurred that enabled you to be where you are right now.

As you contemplate each of those lower steps, let them lead you up to where you stand right now. How hard is the step that you are taking right now in your life? Are you striving to take several different steps right now in your life? What are they? How do you feel about the steps that you are taking? What about the ones just ahead?

Now, look up into the distance. See yourself at the top! I see you there making those last couple of steps, just three more, now two more, now one more riser and you reach your destiny! See yourself jumping up and down. Hear yourself screaming, 'I MADE IT! I DID IT!' How does that feel?

I'm glad that you took the time today and gave yourself the gift of going on this brief, 'your life's journey', with me today. Why did we take this journey? I wanted you to see, hear and feel the power of the words that I have used in order to evoke the imaginations and the emotions that you and I had the privelege of experiencing while on that staircase. WORDS HAVE POWER!

Words have power to create your life. In fact, your life has been created by words. The great writer and 'life motivator', James Allen reminded the world of the ancient truth that 'as you think, so you become'. Your internal dialogue creates emotions. Emotions create actions. Actions determine results. Where does it all begin? It all begins with words.

Consider for a moment, the existence and presence of your subconscious mind. No one has ever seen their subconscious mind, yet there is little doubt that it exists. Let me prove that to you. You likely weren't thinking about your subconscious mind until I mentioned above. If you were already thinking about it, then I can assure you that you weren't thinking about the first toy you ever received. My words prompted you to recall a memory. That memory wasn't present in your conscious mind until I mentioned it. Where was it stored? In your subconscious mind.

You make decisions from data gathered in your subconscious mind. You retrieve experiences, visual scenes, voices, values which you've adopted, knowledge that you've gathered and judgments that you've made in the past, and you bring them into your consciousness in order to make a decision. Oftentimes, these decisions seem to come straight out from the subconcious into our words or actions. We refer to this as 'action or speaking without thinking'. I bet you have done just like me and stuck your foot in your mouth several times in your life.

Words and phrases, which you have heard, which we have repeated over and over and over again in my minds, create formations just as the earth creates rock formations. Ideas, values, concepts, possibilities, impossibilities, abilities and the like, are all stored in your subconscious mind with 'words'.

I heard an author say once, 'if you don't run your own mind, someone else will'. How can you run your own mind? By choosing what goes into it. As cliche as it may sound, you get out of your mind what you put into it. You can choose what you put into your consciousness and what gets stored in your subconsious mind. I have found that it takes a disciplined program of learning and of selective affirmations to replace old, non-productive patterns of thinking and develop new patterns and formations of thinking.

Someone asked me recently if I really believed that making affirmations of positive, powerful words and phrases, will actually change the course, destiny and experience of your life. Will they change the amount of your income? Will they alter the quality of your relationships and your health? I decided to shock them with, 'No, I know longer believe in the power of positive, powerful affirmations to create dynamic life change'. I don't 'believe' it any more. I now 'know' the power that daily, targeted affirmations have to change your life the very moment that begin using them.

It isn't theory any more. It is proven and established scientific fact that as you choose right words that you allow to go into your mind, that they produce guaranteed patterns of success thinking, action and results. Change your life by changing the words that you think and speak.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Got the Sheet

On 27th March 2006, my result for B.Com - Part 1 was announced.

On 17th April 2006, got the marks sheet from the college.

Following are the marks I got in the sheet.

Compulsory Subjects
Islamiat 60 - 30
Pakistan Studies 40 - 26
English 100 - 50

Optional Subjects
Introduction to Business 100 - 65
Accounting 100 - 76
Statistics & Business Mathematics 100 - 81
Economics Analysis 100 - 64
Banking and Finance 100 - 64

Grand Total : 700 / 456
Percentage : 65.14 %
Division : 1st

Monday, April 10, 2006

Achieve Your Dreams with Intention

Life is filled with reflections that often seem to be coincidental. Acts of faith and love are returned many times to people who first shared these acts with others. They did so expecting nothing in return. Yet there will always be reflections of thought and action.

Eric Hoffer wrote, "It is not so much the example of others we imitate as the reflection of ourselves in their eyes and the echo of ourselves in their words."

Like a healthy tree that bears fruit year after year, one's outer life will always mirror his or her inner being. One's self-talk and attitude always echo back from his or her outer world.

There is a familiar saying, "You'll get from a thing exactly what you put into it." Actually, you will get back multiples of what you give. No matter what you want to achieve, one of the most powerful forces with which to begin your dream is intention. Intention drives thought and action!

Intention is more than a wish, whim, or "I'll try it and see" attitude. Intention is powered by God-given faith and courage to make a plan, act on that plan, and see it through to the best of one's ability.

When we move forward with the intention to achieve, the echoes we get back will be strong and clear. They will bring the events and circumstances that move us closer toward our dreams.

Ideas can appear that seem to miraculously provide ways around the most perplexing situations. These ideas are just the beginning of the reflections inspired by faith and intention.

What would you most like to see reflected back into your life?

Hold your vision clearly and firmly in mind without wavering. Give generously to help others solve problems. Your intention and inspired reflections will help you to achieve the most cherished dreams of your heart!

© Copyright by Steve Brunkhorst. All rights reserved. Reprinted from Achieve! 60-Second Nuggets of Inspiration bringing great stories, motivational nuggets, and inspiring thoughts to help you achieve your top potential. Get the next issue by visiting

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Still Waiting (Curse KESC)

Due to power failures in Karchi, Pakistan, we have lost so many things in computer. Power Supply, Modem, Ram and now AGP Card. I have also mentioned on my website, how hard is it living in Karachi. My AGP card was gone for repair on 20th March, 2006. It will be home in one or two days. Currently I am using temperory AGP card, which does not support Alias Maya, 3D software which I was currently using. I have to do so much, but time passes due to KESC - Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited.

On 5th April, they shut down the power for more than 2 1/2 hours, one was at 14:00 to 15:00 and second time 21:00 to 22:40. And today in morning near 5am also.

How can the country survive and develop, if there is not a proper electricity service.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Robbery at Midnight

This is true event occurred in our building yesterday morning.

At late night before going for sleep around 2am or 2:30am on April 01, 2006. While I was standing in the gallery and looking down. I notice that all the lights down in our building were closed. Which makes me and my brother suspicious. However we gone for sleep.

In the morning when I woke up, I heard the news.

Between 4:30am to 5:30am, the robbery have been done. Three flats were broken and robbery was done in one.

All three household go to Jamat Khana (worship place) in the morning.

One on first, another on second floor and one was at the fifth floor. Before broking in, they close other flats gates from outside which were close to those flats.

They entered two without taking any thing, it was really odd or there were man in the house thats way.

The one which was broken and robbery was done, was because both the adults were gone and they (robbers) entered, spray the kids and easily empted the flat.

Where was the gate keeper? Why was the lights closed.

The gate keeper is the one who know all the information and he can't be involved in it alone.

As I came to my conclusion, the previous gate keeper, as his chances are too much, as he have created too much problem before and also he was a thief too. Involvment of current gate keeper, which is obvious, and the involvment of the any of the person of the same building. It was the big plan. People are now afraid too much.

Is it karma?